Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Day 10

Not a huge day today so I didn't rush off from Peak Hill. It was good to catch up with Leighton - I've known him from when he took over the caravan park many years ago.

The ablutions are very small so he made more room by installing bi-fold doors on the showers and then put in heating for the shower floors as it gets a bit cool there in winter. The heating is controlled by a clever timing device.

I left at about 10am and Tom TomTom took me off the Newell for a large part of the trip and didn't return to the Newell Hwy until a few km from Coonabarabran. I think it could have been a shortcut but it was quieter than the Highway anyway and that was good.

Although I was headed for an ACC FarmStay the owner had said they would be out when I arrived. I had a bit of a job finding the right gate but a phone call soon put me right.

It wasn't possible to post a comment on the blog unless you belonged to one of the groups listed but I have changed the set-up and now you can post as 'Anonymous' but put your name in the comment so I know who you are. I've also activated the count function so I can see how many people view the blog. That's good because I was wondering if anyone was following my travels.

Sorry no pics today folks - there was nothing outstanding that caught my eye. 

I've planned a longer trip tomorrow and hope to end up with friends near Beaudesert.

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