Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Day 2

What a fantastic day!

With stunning scenery, challenging Alpine roads and glorious weather it had to be good.

I stopped for coffee at the lookout where you can see the site of the old Tallangetta township that was moved to higher ground when the Hume Dam was built and flooded the original site.

Historic places with names like this lovely old pub

Then on through the lovely North Eastern corner of Victoria and the historic townships including Corryong, Beechworth, and Khancoban - all with their autumn colours of the deciduous trees that still had some of their glorious colours on show.

When say 'With the lot' in Khancoban they really mean it - I had a hamburger with the lot for lunch and I won't need any more food for week!

When they wrote the sign after Khancoban they were not jokin'. There were two 15 minute delays while men were hoisted up sheer rock faces by crane-like things to fasten steel mesh to the rock to avoid dangerous falls. I was too busy watching where I was driving to get any pics although they would have been great.

The road from  Khancoban onwards brought out the rally driver in me although I was kind to Yemmy and didn't drive as if I had an open top, souped up sports car under me with four on the floor and a rorty exhaust.

I really knew I was in the Snowy mountains when I came to one of the Snowy's power stations.

 I was a bit tired after all the mountain driving and wasn't amused when Murphy cast a spell on my TomTom and it kept taking me to a large school instead of the caravan park I was booked into.

I think tomorrow will be an easier day but not quite as dramatic as I head down to the coast to Narooma.

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