Saturday, 14 May 2016

Lionel's 2016 Journey

Tomorrow I'll be starting my 2016 journey with Edi in northern Victoria my first planned stop. 

Yemmy2 has had extensive modifications since last year and should be great for an extended trip north.
Here he is all ready for the morning and with my electric scooter on the back. I didn't take the scooter last year as I only had a fortnight to get ready for the trip after bringing Yemmy2 home from where my friend Eric had been doing some very necessary mods and updates including fitting cruise control.

We camped by the river at Edi one Easter and it was a lovely campsite. I'm hoping the recent extensive rain hasn't made it too boggy for camping.

I hope to catch up with quite a few friends during the next few months with the first being Roy and Daphne at Narooma on Wednesday.