Monday, 30 May 2016

Day 15

I mentioned that I'd been trying to stitch a panorama together yesterday without success. Well this morning an inspiration came and I took some more shots and stitched them with photoshop. Much easier. Then I traveled up to the Sunshine Coast to have lunch with some Australian Caravan Club friends and Graham who had organised the gathering said" You can just take a pano with your iphone.

Before the mob arrived

He the proceeded to demonstrate how simple it was to do, so tomorrow I'll make a panorama of the lovely place where I'm camped at the moment - the owners are away for a fortnight so I've got the run of the place. I put the panorama on my facebook page but it only showed Kathy on the right not looking her photogenic best - I did delete it.

Here's the photoshop one I did before I left Ray and Helen's this morning. Click it for full view.
The mountains in the background are much clearer in real life
I may stay here another day as it's such a lovely place - it's a wait and see.

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