Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Day 9

While waiting to see if the parts had arrived and if Yemmy was going to be fixed I took a few pics of the excellent facilities in the Customers Lounge. There are the daily papers and a bowl of fruit as well plus Internet access.
Sandwich ingredients

Large cosy lounge with two TVs

Coffee machine

Four slice toaster

 The mechanic was working on Yemmy when I got back from the lounge and by 11am the job was done, I'd paid the bill and we were on the way.

We had just cleared the outskirts of Orange when a red light lit up on the dash! It scared me for a minute until I realised it was showing the coolant level was low. I lost coolant when the heater hose failed and although it had been topped up there must have been  an airlock and the level had dropped. I topped it up and all was well.

I didn't aim at doing a big distance today with the late start so headed for Peak Hill and Leighton and Pauline Davis and their nice caravan park. They are ACC members themselves and you get 10% off the site fees if you are an ACC member. Everyone in the park gets scones and cream in the afternoon - Leighton claims he makes them but I know better!

On the way I diverted to get a picture of the Parkes Radio Telescope - we did the tour some years back so I didn't bother today.

The RSL is just up the road so I was weak and went there for dinner - they have Chinese as well as Aussie tucker so I settled for sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. I did my best but there was so much I couldn't eat it all. 

Tomorrow I'm planning on using an ACC FarmStay at Narrabri  - it's about 350 km just after the Pilliga Scrub.


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  2. Barrie - I've entered this as anonymous. You could comment using that and put your name in the comment. ie. barry G or something.
    I'll post this and see what happens.

  3. It works. I hadn't set up 'comment' properly it seems

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  5. It's a pity you didn't have access to the lounge all weekend.

  6. Yes - it would have been great. They told me after the job was done that they could have run a power leader to me! Fat lot of good when there was no-one there to do it when I needed it!

  7. Good to see you on the road again Lionel.It is starting to cool down here as well now, but nothing like it will be down South.
    Stay safe
    Reg and Ruth