Friday, 27 May 2016

Day 12

Yesterday I said I'd show the the view from Ray and Helen's home - here are a few shots from their veranda.

It's a great place to sit and sip while discussing all manner of things past and present. 

Modern toilets at the Stinson campground

Ray took me for a lovely drive this morning - I didn't realise we were heading for a lovely camping ground at Darlington until we got there and I realised I had been there last year with my friend Bernie while we were at the ACC National Muster at Beaudesert.

Stinson camping area

We then went on to the Stinson Campground near where Bernard O'Reilly found and rescued survivors of a Stinson aircraft that had crashed in rugged country on the Lamington Plateau many years ago

 My amplified TV antenna has worked everywhere else this year but not here so I put up my 'proper' one and bingo - 30 channels and perfect reception - but there's not too much on worth watching.

There's no action at Monte Carlo today but I hope I'll be able to watch qualifying tomorrow - or if there no free-to-air telly I'll watch the live commentary on the computer.

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