Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Day 3

Today's route
This was a much easier day for driving - yesterday's tortuous track left no time for relaxing although it was very enjoyable.

It was  just 1 degree C when I got up for a you know what at 5am so on went the heater! Three hours later it had  only got to 15C. The man at the servo said it was -5c when he went for a walk!

The lake at Jindabyne

There was a lot of downhill today as I went from up in the mountains to sea level including down the steep and winding Brown Mountain where the signs told trucks and buses they must use low gear. I used Yemmy's sequential gearbox to stay in lower gears to save the brakes.

Pinders lookout on the way down the Brown Mountain has a great view and a nice rest area with toilets
View from the Pinders lookout

 The wind turbines in this very extensive wind farm were all stationary with their blades feathered. There must have been no wind at all.

It was a very pleasant day's driving and I was booked in and set up in the East's Big 4 Caravan Park on the foreshore at Narooma by 1.30 pm. I busied myself setting up the telly etc after lunch until my friend Roy arrived. He was impressed with all the modifications we had done to Yemmy2 since he had seen him last year.

The day concluded with Roy and I having dinner at the Narooma Club and  then had a lot of fun playing the pokies together. I'm here tomorrow so it will be another good day I'm sure.


  1. You are having an enjoyable trip so far Lionel.Lovely scenery and good weather, even if a little cool at night although I think it is better than steamy hot nights when trying to get some sleep.
    Safe travels. R&R