Thursday, 26 May 2016

Day 11

This will give you an idea of my wanderings so far on this trip.
I travelled about 560km today and arrived at my friends Ray and Helen's home near Beaudesert around 4PM. it's a lovely area and their home has fantastic views that I'll show you tomorrow. Oh yes - I'm in Queensland! And it's warm -24C as I type.

The idiotic driving of some caravanners today plus one fool in a car left me gasping. A caravanner with no towing mirrors to see what was behind overtook a truck in a overtaking lane and then stayed in the lane holding up a string of cars wanting to pass. Two cars passed him in the left lane - asking for trouble if he finally decided to move back over. Fortunately he didn't but the potential was there for a nasty accident.

At a traffic light with two lanes on my side of the road a car passed me as I was accelerating away and then cut straight over into my lane! I eased the foot or I'd have hit her. I also  blew the horn and flashed my lights to show I wasn't exactly pleased!

Apart from that it was a lovely drive even though Tom TomTom decided to take me on a Cook's Tour of the Darling Downs to avoid Warwick. I really like narrow, single lane country roads but not when I have a destination in mind a few hundred km away. Of course I didn't have to follow his directions but he often takes me on unusual and interesting deviations.

There were fabulous views as I came down Cunningham's Gap but there was nowhere easy to stop and I had no camera-savvy passenger to capture the scenery on film for you.

I'll be here until Monday so won't be clocking any big mileages although my friends have plans for an excursion one day while I'm here.

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