Sunday, 22 May 2016

Day 7

As you can imagine this has been a boring day and every so often I've been wondering,"Will they be able to fix Yemmy tomorrow?"  At least it's been sunny and warm during the day although it was a bit on the chilly side this morning when I got up.

Another view of Yemmy's spot.

I've done a bit of browsing around the huge yard and seen vehicles I didn't know existed like big 4x4 VW utes and lots of different Skodas. I didn't know they imported them any more as they were pretty unpopular back in the day.

This dealership has Hino trucks besides Mitsubishi, Toyota, VW, Mercedes and have  trucks on show at one road frontage and  cars on another road.

A few of Yemmy's companions.

I've had time to do a bit of housekeeping today and also to cook myself some bacon, tomato and egg for breakfast.

The memory card in my dash cam was showing full so I've downloaded all the footage to the computer. I don't suppose I'll look at too much of it and will probably trash most of it. 

My ACC friends Mike and Deb are touring in Europe and yesterday their motorhome did its water pump and they are also stuck at a dealers yard - only difference is the dealers wife cooked them dinner!

That's what I want to see tomorrow!

While at a loose end this morning I was thinking how much better Yemmy is this year with all the modifications I've done or had done - so I jotted down a few notes about his improvements. Here they are if you are interested:

Since getting home last October Yemmy has had lots of changes and after a week on the road I’m much happier with him than I was last year.
The seating was bad - just a swivel seat behind the driver’s seat and only a folding table. There was no room at the back to improve that so I had a narrower inner spring mattress made to replace the large dunlopillo one. This freed up enough space to allow a car front seat to be fitted and a swivelling table. It was quite dismal at the back so the aircon that I didn’t use was removed and a lovely light hatch was fitted in its place. It’s bright and light now.
The lpg locker was open to the inside so the locker is now sealed to the inside and vented to the outside. There were no vents in the door or step so there are now two vents in the back of the step and the roof hatch has compliant vents for lpg. The huge gas leak that worried me so much last year was traced by a gas fitting friend to a T-piece hidden and inaccessible behind the drawers and sink unit. It was the wrong kind of fitting and the joints were loose. No leaks now and the gas is lasting so much longer. It’s safe and compliant now thank goodness.
The large fridge that gave me so much trouble last year has been removed and the lovely little Engel unit from Yemmy 1 was fitted where the seat used to be at the front. The vacant fridge space has been turned in to a curtained hanging wardrobe.
A new 260ah battery has been fitted as the old one wasn’t holding charge and a 600watt inverter now powers all my 12v accessories. Besides my roof mounted solar, I’m carrying my folding solar panels for places where I want to camp in the shade and still charge the battery.
The water pump had a punctured diaphragm so was replaced and the convoluted filler tubing for the water tank was re-routed and now the tank fills easily. The same with the sink – it wouldn’t empty so a new pipe was fitted with a tap that sends it across to the grey water tank when this is needed.
Yem has a new radio that I’m still learning how to use, plus a web cam that records the view through the windscreen as we are driving. It would have been interesting to have been recording the day when Yemmy 1 was written off last year.
So much for inside mods. Outside, the horrible bird above the windscreen has been removed and side decals with kangaroos are now improving Yem’s looks.


  1. Hopefully only one more night in Orange Lionel. You will be so pleased to drive out the gate and hit the highway again
    Safe travels
    Reg and Ruth

  2. Glad your enjoyment of the Hamburger with the lot was not too hampered by your hotwater injuries. Also, bad planning on Yemmy 2's behalf to throw a hissy fit too far from Erics place, for him to sort it out for you. Let's hope your wheels are turning in the direction you want, again very soon. Steve.