Friday, 20 May 2016

Day 5

The early part of today's travel was quite good although the Princes Highway along that part of the coast  is quite twisty which means the cruise control doesn't get much use. Plenty of road works as well - everywhere you go they are repairing the roads.

I had to take a box of Apex 40 stuff to a house in Emu Plains - in the Blue Mountains municipality. I thought this could mean a long climb up to Katoomba but it wasn't up that high. Tom TomTom did a great job finding our way but it did entail lots of Freeways, Motorways and any other ways you can think of and all extremely busy with traffic. Not my sort of roads and I guess the fact that I had one of my gastric stomachs in the morning didn't help me enjoy that part of the trip at all.

However a treat was in store - the 22km of road from Emu Plains to Richmond was a lovely country run with paddocks and scenery all the way and an 80k/ph speed limit - a lovely contrast to those  wretched 4-lane motorways that said 110k/ph but often slowed to nearly stopped.

Sorry no pictures today - there were plenty of lovely views but a dearth of places to stop and capture them. Where I'm parked there is a nice view across the green fields so I can probably get a shot in the morning. (I did - it's at the bottom) All the powered sites are full but I manage quite well without.

I can't believe the bistro across at the club. For $24 you can eat as much as you like of an incredible choice of food

Tomorrow I leave Sydney behind and head for Peak Hill and Leighton's nice little caravan park - I hope I'm in time for the scones and cream everyone gets for afternoon tea!

View from my site here at Richmond Club

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