Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day 101

Morning Tea stop at the Anzac Tree Park

What a great day out, Ian and Alice, the park managers, organised a mystery 4x4 tour and 29 park residents took part travelling through lots of roads less travelled and stopped to look at interesting things along the way

It wasn't a 'real' demonstration!
Brian's Shed housed an incredible collection

 We car pooled and Chris and I travelled with Paul and Coral plus their sharp little dog Matilda - 'Tillie' for short.

 One lady demonstrated a 'Potty Chair' during morning tea at the Anzec Tree Park.

We travelled many kilometers of twisty  and hilly gravel roads through very scenic country with stops to see interesting things along the way


Brians Shed housed an incredible collection of machinery and other mementos of the mining era - certainlty very interesting for the men in the group

A shady lunch stop under a tree, a look at a 'battery' where ore from a tin mine was crushed and a stop at the Dimbula pub for a refreshing drink all added to the enjoyment - many thanks to the organisers and our driver Paul.

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