Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Day 80

A bit less woolly!

Yesterday I showed a pic of me having a hair and beard trim - here's the result. I put it on Facebook yesterday and it drew a lot of comments - fortunately some were complimentary.

My new NAB credit card has arrived today at home so I was able to get all the details like expiry date and the code on the back when I rang Sue. It will probably take a week to get up here but in the meantime I can update my direct debits.

My new modem is working well and the new cable connection is a lot more secure. Telstra now has put my phone and modem data allowance together and I can use either as I like. Together I've now got 14.5 GB.

I closed the blackout screen on my hatch last night and because the sun didn't shine in this morning I slept about an hour later - not that it matters in the least!

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