Thursday, 25 August 2016

Day 102

The day started with a visit to a doctor in Mareeba - nothing serious but checking on treatment for my irritating post Shingles itching. The doc confirmed the use of the capsicum based cream and I have to use it for three or four times every day. He also mentioned that the shingles vaccine will be available for pensioners in November. I'll certainly be checking with my doctor about that when I get home.

It appears that every one on the trip yesterday was very tired last night - I know I was. Being a passenger seems to be more tiring than driving.

While in Mareeba I managed to get a couple of offcuts from a timber place and these will let me move my portta-pot back to give more room in the shower compartment.

Chris has to take her caravan into Atherton in the morning to get a roadworthy certificate in order to renew her registration. I think NSW is the only State that has that requirement.

I had a lovely chat tonight with both my daughters - I do miss those girls! I'll see Jackie on Monday week when we get to Alice Springs. She's been negotiating a good price for our site fees - thanks Jack.

I've been looking back through my 'On the Wallaby' column and found a lot of interesting things that I'd completely forgotten about.

This was one such entry in October 2004:

We ring our daughters every week while we are away and take advantage of Telstra's great 'My Hour' scheme for mobiles that gives you free time on line for a nominated hour a day. We chose 6pm to 7pm as it suits one of our girls best. Apparently we must have repeated the same opening a number of times - "We've just been having a 'Happy Hour' with friends." She said, "You're always having happy hours!" She was right of course - we enjoy a quiet chat and sip with like-minded friends whether we've known them forever or just met them that night.
Some things don't change!

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