Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Day 86

Great lunch get together at the Tolga pub today
$10 - that's a bargain!

There were 14 of us at the Toga pub today - ACC members and friends and I intended taking some pictures of us. Unfortunately I was so busy eating and talking that I forgot about the picture until I got home. Sorry folks.

It's been great having Brian and Linda giving me lifts everywhere and I'll miss them when they leave on Friday. However Chris Rogers will be here that day and she says she will take over chauffeuring duties.

After getting my daughter to go to my house, find documents from my super fund, scan them and email them to me for the Commonwealth Bank, I waited over a week before sending them an email asking what the hold up was and did they need anything more plus ringing them. I got inconclusive answers telling me to look at mail on the account home page until they finally rang me today to say they wanted more documents as what I'd sent didn't have my name on them! Utter BS so I told him to cancel the application and I'd stick with the NAB. Who needs another credit card anyway?  

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