Friday, 5 August 2016

Day 82

Very quiet day today - a day that started with  very cold winds although the doona ensured a good warm night's sleep.

I received my census papers yesterday so filled that in today - it's not until Tuesday evening but nothing will change before then and I put Tuesdays date on it and won't post it until Wednesday.

"Wonder if I could build one?"

I forgot to add this picture of Brian contemplating all the workings of the huge coffee harvester yesterday.

 It really is an incredible machine and was designed by the Jacques family to harvest a tree a second compared to the huge time taken by hand picking.

It was the Friday night byo meat and shared salads/vegies to the barby tonight and as usual a great friendly evening. With two large barbeques, a pizza oven and three microwaves, the park is very well set up.

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