Sunday, 14 August 2016

Day 91

I was busy doing something on the computer mid-morning today and had just made a cup of coffee when suddenly there were voices outside and Paul next door was saying, "Lionel - you've got visitors!" The visitors were Kesley and David, ACC members from Cairns and their friends Mal and Helen, ACC members from Tin Can Bay and it was a wonderful surprise to have them here. For the next hour or so there was great reminiscing and laughter. Graeme and Lynne also joined us as they knew Mal and Helen as well. Mal and Helen are staying here for a few days while waiting for a part to come by post.

Yemmy at Greens Lake in Northern Victoria


Many of you will remember my first Yemmy who took me all over Australia  - here's a picture of him at Greens Lake before he got his fancy decals on the sides.

Yemmy2 is quite a bit longer and higher

Yemmy2 was inspected by my friends this morning and everyone gave him a thumbs up - some of them had seen his predecessor and could see how much extra space I now have - although he's not as spacious as most caravans.

Chris Rogers messaged me this afternoon to say she was in Charters Towers so she will probably arrive here tomorrow or Tuesday and Graeme and Lynne will be here until Wednesday so I certainly won't get lonely. 

Fellow Caravan World scribes Tony and Denyse are coming here for a few days on Thursday as well so I won't be bored.

Today was a writing day - Caravan World editor Laura has asked me to write an article about my ten years of involvement with The Australian Caravan Club so I got busy with that. So much has happened in the ten years since I became Chairman of the Club - a position I held for five years.

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