Monday, 15 August 2016

Day 92

Pasta Pudding - better than is sounds!
Pasta pudding doesn't sound cool but that's what I cooked up for lunch. It was spiral pasta cooked till Al Dente in water and then after draining and adding sultanas and raw sugar finished cooking in milk. It was yum and did me hot for lunch and cold for dinner.

My friend, ACC member Chris Rogers, arrived here tonight and will travel with me on the way home  - we'll be leaving here in just over two weeks and  should be back at Illawarra by about the 23rd of September in good time for the ACC Lone Trekkers Muster that starts at my place on the 7th of October.

About ten ACC members and friends will descend on the Tolga pub again for lunch tomorrow - it's Graeme's birthday so we'll be helping him celebrate. It's the Tolga Tuesday special - $10 T-bone plus chips and salad.

This week I'll try to remember to get some pictures! Or at least one!

My new  magnetic insect screen for Yemmy2's door didn't want to stay in place at the top but some Super Glue fixed that today! Super Glue, Duct Tape and Velcro are my three remedies for most everything!

I think we will pass the 4,000 page views of the blog tomorrow! Thanks for staying with me - it should get more interesting when I hit the road again in a couple of weeks.

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