Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Day 87

Gee thanks dad!
Daughter Sue sent me two pics today. The first is of little alpaca baby, Pixie, being bottle fed under my carport by surrogate dad Shaun. Pixie's Mum disowned her and Sue and Shaun became parents my default even getting up in the night for feeds in the early days.

That's my little Getzie on the left patiently waiting for me to get back and take her for trips even if it's just to the shops and band rehearsal.

Nearly full!

The other pic was of our top dam that was very low when I left home  in May. Our bottom dam was dry and is now overflowing - it just shows how much rain they have had - I'm glad I'm up here despite the sometimes cold winds.

I can't believe this is day 87 since I left on this trip and that I'll be home, all going well, late next month.

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