Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 106

It was podiatry day today. Normally at home I have a podiatrist come to my place and fix my feet for nothing because I'm a diabetic and there is a government subsidy to cover that. However when I'm on the road it's a different matter and Chris and I both made an appointment with a clinic in Atherton.

We took the opportunity of doing some shopping ready for the road on Wednesday and then I lashed out and bought a neat little 12volt compressor from Supercheap Autos. It did fine for Yemmy2's front tyres but it was too hard to screw the hose on to the valves of the dual wheels at the back. Paul next door gave me an extension cord so I could reach to the back but he and I both tried to connect the hose to the valve without success. It will be relatively easy to check and adjust the pressures at a servo on Wednesday.

It was quite a small happy hour tonight - a lot of people were missing having presumably started their homeward journey. Tomorrow will be our last Tolga lunch gathering for a while - like maybe next year.

Tomorrow will see me doing a fair bit of packing up ready to leave next morning.

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