Friday, 12 August 2016

Day 89

Today started a little bit sad as Brian and Linda left to visit their son in Cooktown - but of course we'll meet again somewhere in the ACC world. Graeme and Lynne are still here for a few more days and, like me, seemed to enjoy our Friday happy hour and byo barbie. It was so popular tonight that we ran out of chairs, Paul bought me a Tawny wine cask while shopping today as I'd forgotten to get one yesterday and we gave it a bit of a nudge tonight,

A  bit of Australia Post magic - I ordered the new insect screen yesterday and it arrived this morning! It's now in place and doing a great job after I'd shortened it to just clear the step. It had only come from Cairns but I hadn't realised that when I ordered it. My new credit card was posted last Thursday in Victoria and still hasn't arrived!

Looking at my calendar today I realised that I'll be out of here and starting to head home in just over two weeks! Doesn't seem possible - this place is starting to feel like  a second home!

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