Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day 79

Amazing what a good clip can do!

The hairdressing lady who visits the park on Tuesdays returned today after 2 months in Europe so I took advantage of her visit to get a trim of hair and beard.

This afternoon Brian and Linda had to go to Atherton to pick up their little dog who has been at the vets all day for a major check up so I cadged a lift to go to the Telstra Shop and also to get a gas cylinder re-filled.

My modem had been getting hard to charge as the cable didn't fit properly any more and the helpful Telstra lady fixed me up with a new one with an extra 2gb of download making it 10gb/month now plus the 4.5gb with my phone. The alternative was to send it away for repair and be without it for a few weeks - not a good idea in my opinion.

The deadline for the October issue of Caravan World is approaching so I wrote and sent my On the Wallaby Column today - the main feature of course was my helicoptering adventure a few weeks back.

I wonder where I can fly again?

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