Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Day 93

Ten smiling faces waiting for lunch

 Happy Birthday Graeme

It was great being able to share Graeme Lavender's birthday  today at the Tolga pub. There were ten of us and the pub was packed it must be the Tuesday
$10 T-bones!

The celebrations continued at happy hour when Lynne produced two lovely chocolate cakes with strawberries around the sides. Graeme read a humorous poem he had written and caused  a lot of laughter

It was a bit sad to realise that Graeme and Lynne, Mal and Helen and Bruce and Eileen, are all leaving in the morning to go their separate ways - but hey - we will be catching up again somewhere down the track or at a muster somewhere. 

My credit card finally arrived today after waiting since last Thursday week  for it! Only trouble is I can't change the PIN online or on the phone but have to go to a NAB Branch to do it.

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