Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Day 94

There I was complaining that I had to go to a NAB branch to change my PIN but this morning Chris took me to the NAB branch in Atherton and I thought I'd be smart and change it myself at the ATM. I put in the old PIN and then as instructed put in the new one twice. Didn't work so I did it again in case I'd keyed the wrong number. This time it told me I'd entered the wrong number three times and the account would be closed for 24 hours!

I went inside and after they took details from my card and drivers license they gave me a generic PIN and one teller came out to help me with the ATM. We put in the generic number, keyed in the desired new number and got the locked for 24 hours notice again. So now I have to go back tomorrow and try again! When I got back here I checked to scanned NAB letter that my daughter sent me and there - very plainly - was the number I'd been sent - the same one I'd keyed in! Is Murphy the culprit as usual or am I going bonkers?

Tonight was a special happy hour as long time park residents, Neil and Barbara McInnes, are moving into their new home on Friday and this was a farewell for them. All the ladies had brought lovely finger food and it was a real feast - I doubt if anyone needed any dinner after that.

There were two lovely cakes!

I forgot to show you the pic of Lynne slicing the lovely chocolate cake with strawberries and cream last night so here 'tis.

It was delicious!

Is there light at the end of the banking tunnel? Tomorrow will/may solve the mystery!


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