Thursday, 1 September 2016

Day 108

I was still having stomach trouble today but it wasn’t bad enough to stop me driving.
The day started with people from the park coming to say goodbye and see you next year. This included the park managers Ian and Alice – we both said afterwards what other caravan park would have the managers give you a hug when you left.
We got away around 8.30 and the weather was a bit dull. By Ravenshoe is had started raining but it cleared up soon afterwards and most of the day was cloudless sky and sunshine.
Although I set my cruise control to 85k/ph I kept getting well ahead of Chris and once when I stopped to wait for her it was 10 minutes before she appeared! Never mind we got here in the end although it was hard to concentrate driving at a lower speed than usual plus feeling crook.
Tom was still showing 20 km to go when we reached our destination – Gilbert River and about 400km for the day. There are no facilities here but it was very peaceful. A little wallaby was grazing near us and only one other camper came in.
Today we are aiming for one of the rest area between Normanton and Cloncurry – probably about 400km again.
There’s no reception here so I’ve written this in Word and will copy it into the blog when we get coverage somewhere along the way.

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