Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Day 114

Up with the larks this morning for the balloon flight and I was last on the pick up after they had been around town picking up the rest of the ballooners,

When Vi and I were school photographers many, many years ago, we spent a month here in Alice Springs. We delighted in seeing the hot air balloons flying over the town. I had expected todays flight to be the same but they don't do that any more and our trip was a long way from town and not as exciting. 
All ready for take-off

I guess I'd been spoilt by two trips from Mareeba where we flew over the fabulous Atherton Tablelands and had a proper breakfast served after the flight.


Today our flight was over trees and grazing country and we didn't even glimpse the town. The champagne was OK with the cheese and biscuits and scones and they did their best to make it a good experience.

The dawn colours were nice
Lots of cattle in the yards

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