Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day 128

A much better day for travelling today - still a bit windy and a few showers but we were still here in Port Germein before lunchtime.

Unfortunately the lovely fish shop and cafe on the corner next to the caravan park has been closed for a long time although a peep through a corner of a window showed everything still place. They must have just walked out one day and never came back.

The next disappointment came when I visited the hotel to book for dinner. "We are not doing meals,'" the man said, " The boss does pizzas but he's away!"

There was a food stall on the jetty so Chris has a steak sandwich and I had fish and chips. The chips were lovely but I didn't enjoy the fish much.


There was a sort of old wares shop that wasn't open so I took a couple of shots through the window - sorry about the reflections.

A couple of skeletons relaxing on a settee and a book about the town's hidden skeletons in the closet!

I think they typify whats happening to a lot of small towns in Australia.

Tomorrow we split up for a couple of days. I'll be visiting my son and daughter in law in Adelaide and Chris will be spending a couple of days in Tailem Bend. Then we head to my place on Saturday.


  1. Thanks for your Blog, it has become part of the family since May, when you started. What are we going to do now? looked forward to reading about your activities and how "Murphy" had been treating you.

  2. Thanks Barry - it's been good knowing you were travelling with me.