Monday, 19 September 2016

Day 126

Only five more blog entries and I'll be home. Thanks for following my journey - it's been good to know I've got a few fans who put up with my sometimes vacuous comments.

However today's not one of those days as I went for a great flight today. I rang yesterday to see if any flights were booked with a spare seat as they don't take single bookings. He said no - but took my details in case a couple booked. He rang back and said yes but it took off at 8am. Oh dear! I'd promised Chris I'd take to the place where her mail run started and that was at 8.30. That's OK he said - we'll go at 9am. Fine so off I went this morning not knowing I would be on the most expensive flight they had - Willian Creek, Lake Eyre North and South and the Painted Hills on the way back - a very full half day or more trip. It cost me $660 but it was worth every cent of it.

It was great. Emily, the young lady who was our pilot was very competent and pleasent, I scored the front seat which was a bonus and took lots of pictures - some of which I'll put on here.
Coober Pedy from the air

One of the islands in Lake Eyre North where birds breed

I had to show off of course!

I'll try to process some more pics and put them on tomorrow.

Two years ago when Chris and I were in Coober Pedy we stayed out at the place that advertises underground camping. It was once an opal mine but owner Rick saw that tourist dollars are more reliable than digging for opals. They made cabin type accommodation in one of the tunnels and made flat areas for tents. Caravans, etc, stay above ground. I called to see them this afternoon and they would like to sell and retire as they have been there for twenty something years and are getting tired.

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