Saturday, 24 September 2016

Trip summary

Lionel's 2016 Trip Summary

It doesn't seem possible that I'm back home after a fantastic trip that started in the cool of late May  in Victoria and took in parts of New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia before getting home to Victoria 131 days later. In all excluding side trips in other peoples vehicles, I covered 8,942 KM.

I flew in a helicopter at Mackay, in a balloon at Alice Springs and in two light planes from Coober Pedy over Lake Eyre North and South plus the painted Hills.

There were so many people I met along the way - some friends from way back and some friends I met for the first time. They all added warmth and companionship to the trip and many are mentioned in the pages of this blog.

I have no idea of how much diesel Yemmy2 consumed - when he needs fuel he gets it!

It was nice to know that friends followed my adventures through this blog - when I last looked there had been nearly 6,000 page views. Thanks for sharing my travels - I hope to do more next year.


The last pic - son Chris and I as I was about to start the last leg yesterday


  1. Welcome Home Lionel. Looking forward to catching up in Shepparton in a few weeks
    Reg and Ruth