Friday, 16 September 2016

Day 123

The weather today was really nice until after dinner when a quite severe storm  changed the scene for a while.

This was the last night with Jackie and Duck - the time seems to have flown by and I should be home by tomorrow week. It's been quality time in the evenings - they have been at work in the days but we were together each evening.

Most things are packed or put away and it shouldn't take long in the morning to be ready to hit the road again with our destination a rest area south of the South Australian border.

It appears that the rain is easing in Victoria and although a bit more rain is forecast most of the roads are open again. First job when I get home will be to check where we can hold our Lone Trekkers Muster as my FarmStay will probably be too wet. We don't want bogged caravans!

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