Sunday, 18 September 2016

Day 124

On the move today after a slow start and although there were patches of light rain it cleared into a sunny but very windy day
I'm afraid Chris gets a bit lost in this pic!

Bye bye Northern Territory - we enjoyed our stay

 We crossed the NT/South Australian border just after a lunch and re-fuelling stop at Kulgera and then started looking  for a night stop.










 We stayed overnight at the Agnes Creek Rest Area - a very spacious area. The wind was gusty and cold and the flies made sitting outside unbearable.


My gas ran out! I lit the oven with the idea of heating some chicken, chips and sweet corn but it went out after a few minutes. It didn’t take very long to change to a full cylinder and continue cooking dinner. The last time I changed a cylinder was when I was at Smalleys Beach and I got it filled in Mackay. That was a long time ago so it’s lasting very well this year.

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