Monday, 12 September 2016

Day 119

Another lazy day - read my Kindle - Wilbur Smith wrote so well it's hard to put his books down or in the case of the Kindle to turn it off. I also watched two episodes of Eggheads - the money up for grabs today was $12,000 and it nearly went off - just missed by one question.

I rang the Gap View Hotel and found they charge the earth for two litre casks of wine or Tawny - it's an effort to stop the locals drinking as much. It also stops me - back to the XXXX.

I also found out about towing Getzie behind the Sprinter with four wheels down. The complete job including the wiring was quoted a $3,350. I'm seriously thinking about it as it would be a lot easier than the scooter which is hard to put on and off it's rack.

It's good to be able to spend the evenings with Jackie and Duck - they don't change and we have many a laugh.

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