Friday, 23 September 2016

Day 130

It was a change to sleep inside a house after 129 days on the road sleeping in Yemmy2 and when I woke during the night I was quite disorientated and didn't know where I was.

Marijana and I went to the West Lakes Mall so she could get a sim card put in the iphone 6 her son had given her and I sat and watched the passing parade of shoppers. I love people watching - the different shoes and apparel, their walking page and other interesting things about them.

When we got back home I was able to get their PVR talking to the telly so they will be able to record programmes again.

Jay and his mum sorting the iphone


At night we went out to a hotel for dinner and were joined by Marijana's son Jason who is now living nearby and doing his IT job from home. We went for a look at his home that is not too far from the library where his mother works so she is able to catch up with him easily.

Marijana thought this little cat would make a nice travelling companion for me! Puss looks quite real.

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