Sunday, 4 September 2016

Day 111

From Word:

We were on the road nice and early and the weather was good for travelling – sunny and cloudless sky. The only slight trouble was the sun coming through the drivers window onto my right arm most of the day. By closing the window and putting on the aircon it wasn’t too bad. I must fix up a screen to stop that.
The Barkly Tableland is a bit boring so I put on a Big Band CD to help pass the time. It’s got old favourites like Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Billie Goodwin and others.
We had Internet at Barkly Homestead so did some computing while having coffee. Jackie had texted that everything was OK for us arriving early tomorrow.
Yemmy and the Marbles
There’s no reception here at the Devil’s Marbles so I’m doing the Word trick again tonight. I’ll get some pictures in the morning. The campground is very busy – more people that I can remember – still $3.30 a head/night!

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