Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day 120

Got a shock this morning when I got a text from Rob Tudor, ACC Webmaster, telling me he couldn't send me any mail because my mailbox was full. A lot of frustration later I was able to make the mailbox much bigger so it won't happen again sometime soon. The fact that I'd forgotten the password to get into my web provider didn't help! I'm now back on line for lionel@caravanning-oz.com.

Sorting that took most of the morning and it was back to Kindle and card games this afternoon. There's a well stocked shop here at the park but it was a big surprise when I paid about $3.60 for a litre of milk!

It surprised Jackie and ChrisR when I pointed out that there were only three more days after today before we head homewards on Saturday.


  1. I was about to send you the same msg as Rob, I also got undelivered mail returned yesterday. BarryN

    1. Thanks Barry - at least it gave me something to do. At one point they sent me an email to change my password but of course the email couldn't get to me.