Friday, 2 September 2016

Day 110:

No Internet last night so here's what I wrote in Word:

This started off as an abysmal day with pouring rain as we drove from the rest area where we had over-nighted, to Cloncurry. Chris is very nervous driving in the wet and so it was a very slow drive indeed. We did some minor shopping in Cloncurry and then headed to Mt Isa. Still a bit wet – still a bit slow!
Chris proving we are In the Territory
It started clearing before we got to The Isa and as the afternoon progressed the sun came out and driving conditions became very pleasant.
We had both come to the conclusion that if there had been rain at Camooweal in the morning we should give the lagoon a miss or we might be stuck in the mud so we continued on to Avon Downs Rest Area.

A family with a converted bus with a little car on tow asked us over to sit by their fire after dinner and it was nice chatting with them. They have been in every State of Australia except Tassie and Queensland and tomorrow they will cross the Queensland border just after they leave here. What a great adventure for their three children.
It looks as though we can make Alice on Sunday as it’s not quite as far as we thought so I used my Satellite phone to call Jackie and ask her to find out if our sites will be vacant a day earlier than planned. She will message me tomorrow and we will get the message somewhere along the way.
Sunset at Avon Downs where we  stayed tonight

 Tomorrow we head for the Devil's Marbles

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