Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 131

Well it's finally happened - 131 days after leaving Illawarra I'm back safe and sound and it's great to be reunited with Sue and Shaun. An added bonus was that grandson Corey and Micaela were here for the weekend as well.

Shaun had cooked a fantastic dinner and they brought it down to my place to eat.  No pics I'm sorry.
It took a while to remember how to work the telly and PVR plus my sound system but it all eventually came back.

It was an uneventful trip back from Adelaide today although my TomTom did lose the satellite at the time I was negotiating the way out of Adelaide from Semaphore Park and that made it interesting.

Grandson Corey and Micahlah were here for the weekend as well so there were six of us for dinner - great.

I'll write a final summary page tomorrow - just a tad tired just now after a 507 km trip and then the reunion and sorting things out. It's good to have a monitor and mouse again - the trackpad is not the same!


  1. Congratulations Lionel, I feel exhausted thinking about it. Barry

  2. Thanks Barry - 5,917 page views so far. We may make the 6,000 before I sign off.