Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day 113

Murphy is up to his tricks
Those of you who look at my facebook page will have seen this already but here it is again.

There's a gap between my bench tops and the window and I lost my scissors over there the other day. No end of improvised gadgetry could retrieve them so for the miserly $6 or so I decided on a new pair,

Cuts every thing four times at once!

Rushing back into Woolies as I'd left them off the shopping list, I bought what I thought were
scissors. Wrong! They were scissors for cutting up herbs!

I've just set the alarm for 4.30am ready for my ballooning adventure in the morning - pick up is at 5.30am so I hope I wake up in time. Last time I'd just drunk my wake up coffee when they rang to say it was too windy for flying!

We'll pass 5,000 page views tomorrow!

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