Sunday, 11 September 2016

Days 117 and 118

Been a bit slow these last two days with not too much happening. I had the gastro back yesterday and had to use the loo at the Woolworths Mall. IT WAS 50 CENTS TO GO! I had no change but the attendant let me in free.

There were no wine in casks at the BCF! I bought six XXXX cans to tide me over and then today when we found a pub that sells 2-litre casks it was only to be told that they couldn't sell them until 6pm. You can't buy any alcohol on weekdays before 2pm but on Saturdays you can purchase grog at 10am. It probably makes sense to somebody but certainly not to me.

Jackie, ChrisR and I went to bingo today and had fun despite not winning anything. We bought pizza on the way home for our dinner.

There are free pancakes here at the park on Sunday mornings but I forgot it was Sunday and didn't remember until after I'd had breakfast. Silly boy.

Sue sent me this picture of our top dam - it has never been that high before since we moved there.
That's my house in the background

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