Saturday, 2 July 2016

Day 48

Not a lot to report today. There was a very cold blustery wind this morning so I walked up to the office to get Internet reception as I felt it too windy to ride the scooter.

I was able to upload two photos and publish the blog plus being able to have a chat to my daughter down in Stawell who was in the supermarket when I rang.

This afternoon I wound in the awning and put all the things into the drawer at the back before loading up and securing the scooter. That will make the rest of the pack up easier in the morning - it's an easy run to Sarina so I should be on site and set up before lunch.

Once there I will have Internet and mobile coverage without any trouble.

Tonight we had happy hour at the Pugh's site - it's been good to have the company of Gary and Dianne plus Trevor and Kim. John and Jane are also going to Sarina tomorrow so I'll be enjoying their company a bit longer.

There was a fabulous sunset tonight but unfortunately I didn't have my camera or mobile phone with me so missed out on what would have been a great photo.

Thanks Kim

Just found that Kim took a pic of the sunset so I've pinched it!

Then this morning the sunrise was very pretty as well so I've added it

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