Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 52

A lovely sunny drive today from Sarina - the first part was a long twisty climb up the range but Yemmy takes it in his stride.

I had this place checked out end to end -and it's huge - before setting up before lunch. I finished setting up, roped the awning down and unloaded the scooter after lunch. There are plenty of friendly and talkative people here so my stay won't be dull. One guy (?)
came and wanted to look over Yemmy because he(?) and his wife plan to fit out a bus later in the year. He was boasting about being a film producer and going to LA where he says he chats with Angelina Jolie! He wears a sundress and has long hair but talks about his wife - I just wonder!

There are a lots of outfits here - apparently someone counted 140 last Sunday! It's still Qld school holidays so that may account for some of them.
On site

I have a view of the lake and the water birds and although it's a bit uneven where I am it will do me for a few days.

Set up and bike unloaded

My view
The Internet is slow but I think it will load - I'll get more lake pics tomorrow

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