Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Day 73

Cool and windy was what greeted us here at Walkamin today! It was so windy that I decided to wind in my awning for safety - I lost one over the top of my caravan some years back at Iluka so don't want a repeat of that.

Although I say 'cool' I didn't say 'cold' because that is what the weather is down south. I was still able to ride to the Post Office in shorts and bare arms! I went hoping to pick up a letter posted last Thursday in Vic but it's still not here yet.

The new blanket was OK but I'd tucked in a bit too much at the bottom so didn't have as much as I like around my neck. That has been fixed so tonight should be OK - if not, a larger blanket will go on the shopping list!

There's a table over in the shed where people put unwanted items for others to take so I took my old inverter over yesterday with a note saying the fan was noisy. It went very quickly! Better than going in the garbage collection.

It's my eldest daughter's birthday today so I gave her a ring tonight. It doesn't seem possible that it was eight years ago that I travelled on the Ghan from Katherine to Adelaide to help celebrate her 50th birthday.

About ten of us ACC members will be having lunch at the Tolga pub tomorrow - I'll try to remember to get some pictures.

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