Thursday, 7 July 2016

Day 53

It's a bit chilly here at night and early in the morning - chilly that is until you look at temperatures down south! Today was sunny and I went riding on the scooter for a while before taking a walk to capture some views on the iphone. I've got my DSLR camera with me but the phone pics are just as good for the Internet.

Here are some of today's pics:

The hills in the background are rugged

It wasn't me on the water

Reg came and fixed my Anderson Plugs today

Another view of the camping ground

The Isaac Council recently added new showers and toilets 

I guess it's the cooler weather up here that has inspired me to cook a beef stew today for dinner -  it was quite nice and there's some left for tomorrow although I may turn it in to a curry.
My new neighbours had a fire going in a 'choofer' tonight and invited me over for happy hour. I take a pic tomorrow for those not familiar with 'choofers'. They are made from cut down gas cylinders and there are a few different versions.

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