Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day 59

Last night I was at Henrietta Creek in the National Park and as there was no Internet or phone coverage I'm writing this today from Walkamin where I'll be spending the next few weeks.

A few years ago the trees here were badly damaged by a cyclone but now nature has healed the damage and you can't see any signs left.

Where cuppas come from

On the way to last night's stop I passed a tea plantation with packets of tea for sale

An honour system for tea sales
Last night I met a couple who now live in the Norrthern Territory but used to live on the Mornington Peninsula near my old home at Mornington where we spent so many happy years. They lived at Red Hill - and then I found another couple from Frankston, also near where we used to live. It's sure is a small world.

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