Friday, 29 July 2016

Day 75

It was a cool night but the weather today has been nice although still a bit windy. If it stays calm I'll put my awning back out tomorrow. The sun streams into Yemmy in the afternoons without the awning and when I got home today it was 40 degrees inside!

My friends from Adelaide, Tom and Maureen, picked me up for lunch today at the Skybury Coffee and Papaya Plantation and it was a very enjoyable time catching up. Back when I was starting writing my 'On the Wallaby' column in Caravan World 19 years ago, Tom was the Tech guru for the magazine. 

They picked up a hire car today in Cairns and will be going to Cooktown and surrounds while in Far North Queensland.

Tonight it was the barbecue and shared side dishes in the shed and as usual it was a good night. I took the red wine Santa brought me last week for the Christmas in July and I have to say the wine they get up there at the North Pole isn't the best! I'm afraid I had to do the unthinkable and throw half a bottle out and revert to Tawny!

Someone was sharing some Chilli Chocolate that I quite liked and that inspired me to get my computer and read the hilarious piece about a Texas Chilli Cook-off. It went down well and caused quite a bit of laughter.

When checking my bank balance yesterday I discovered some Chinese company had taken $86 from my credit card. After a long listen to NAB recorded music(?) I got my credit card blocked to stop it happening again and a new card issued. That means that I have to inform all my direct debit people of my new numbers when it arrives and in the meantime I can't use it! My NAB debit card is safely in my Getz's glove box at home so I'll have to use my Comm Bank debit card in the meantime - if I can remember my pin number for that card as I normally keep it for buying ebooks from Amazon.

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