Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 64

The day started a bit damp and overcast so I delayed packing up and going to Atherton shopping until the sun came out and it looked better. Then I quickly unhooked all things hooked up and rolled in the awning leaving the ropes on the ground.

My main mission was to get a new windscreen wiper arm and I hoped it wouldn't rain on the way. That was a false hope as it started to rain a few km from Atherton but I managed to get to Supercheap Auto without using the wipers. It was a bit tricky to fit so I coughed up the extra $3 to get them to fit it for me.

Then I had an omelette at the Coffee Club - they were very busy and I must have waited 3/4 hr for my meal but it was ok when it finally came. Next came shopping in IGA before going to Big W and buying some new shorts and a shirt. I was looking for another drink container like the one I already have but they didn't have one - nor did anywhere else I tried. K Mart have them for $5 plus $16 postage! Or go down the hill towards Cairns and just pay $5 at K Mart at Smithfield.

 On the way past the War Memorial Park at Rocky Creek I took a pic to show how busy it is. It seems that all the caravan parks on the Tableland and along the coast are very full as well.

The pic doesn't show how very busy it is
After that I headed to Mareeba to get an oven thermometer from Mitre 10 but they didn't have my drink thingy either! I did buy a warm, no sleeve jacket at Target as my tracky top is getting past shabby. 

A busy but satisfying day ended with happy hour as usual and I've invited a newby couple from Camperdown in Victoeia to come over in the morning and I'll give them a few travelling tips.

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