Friday, 15 July 2016

Day 61

It was washing day today and I got all my washing done and dried before lunch.

It looks as if I need to buy a new wiper blade - they have them at Supercheap Autos in Atherton and the blade includes the little control piece that seems to be the trouble with mine.

Billie believes she is the park owner!

Billie came to visit this afternoon - she believes she owns the park and has been here ever since the park opened about 12 years ago.

Billie was a little thinner back then

Here's a picture  of Billie and me driving around the park in an old Whippet some years ago.

Tonight was a communal dinner after happy hour - I found some sausages in the freezer and thawed them out. Four were cooked but I only ate one and the others will be nice snack food tomorrow. And no, Billie is not getting one - she has, "Do not feed me on her coat!

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