Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Day 65

A very wet day! Where are those 300 sunny days a year? I didn't have the awning sloping down enough for draining in the heavy rain and a big downward bulge developed that was gallons of water. When I lowered one end there was a huge cascade.

The telly stopped working last night and investigation today showed the antenna was broken. My friend Jim came over and had the right bits to not only repair the antenna but we were able to shorten it to the right length and then Jim produced some little stick on hooks to keep it up along the side of Yemmy2 instead of dangling in midair. Great job - thanks Jim.

I'd intended staying in Alice Springs for two weeks on the way home visiting my daughter and her partner but the cost of a site in the Big 4 is very expensive so maybe we will only stay for one week. Chris Rogers who travelled with me two years ago is coming here next month and we will travel together again. She has a friend in the same park in The Alice so that will work out really well.

I missed out on ballooning there a few years back because of strong winds and also missed on a chopper trip for the same reason. Who knows but I may be able to do one or the other - or both - while there this year.

Today I ordered the replacement fittings for the awning arms to clip to the body. One broke during a huge storm at Smalleys Beach. The ones I've ordered are aluminum and stronger than the plastic one that broke.

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