Sunday, 17 July 2016

Day 62 & 63

I seem to have missed Saturday somehow! Not a lot happened so I guess I didn't think about the blog.

The best thing was that Lucy the park owner was back after being away in Townsville for the past few weeks where her son is recovering in hospital after a very serious motorcycle accident. The park is not the same without her.

They soon ripen and are delicious

Yesterday they cut a hand of bananas from the park's banana plant and hung them in the shed for any park residents to have once they ripen. I remember they are delicious from other years.

Today (Sunday) I thought I'd give Yemmy2's oven a try and make a bread pudding. I used some slices of spicy loaf, squished them up with milk, added a little butter, sugar and sultanas and put them in a baking tin. I'd pre-heated the oven but with no oven thermometer I couldn't really tell how hot it was. The result? A complete disaster with the bottom of the pudding burnt back and stuck! After cutting the black bottom off, the rest tasted fine - but a thermometer is on my shopping list for tomorrow.

Such concentration!

After happy hour tonight it was trivia. Everyone brings two questions and then Alice, the park manager, reads out the questions. Everyone contributes answers - a total of four allowed. A right answer is a win and when the scores were totalled up we had more right than wrong - a better result than sometimes. It was great that Lucy came down and gave us a report of how her son is doing. She thanked everyone who had expressed so much concern over the past weeks.

Everyone joins in at this friendly park

I've quite a big shopping list for tomorrow in Atherton including the new wiper blade.

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