Friday, 8 July 2016

Day 54

The lake is always attractive
A fairly uneventful day although Murphy had a trick to play. My antenna hasn't been working to get better Internet coverage and I found a little bent wire was not making contact in the modem. I put the cable in my pocket to go look for a needle to straighten the wire but Mr M dropped it somewhere and it wasn't to be found. I'll get another lead in Mackay on Monday - they are not expensive so not a major problem
Another view

Yemmy's big brother

Yemmy 2 has a big brother here - this a very nice Jayco version of the Sprinter
This monster parked next door today!

Three black visitors!

A lid goes on top of the 'Choofer'

The Mick and Lynne invited me to dinner tonight and it was a chook cooked in their 'Choofer' - there were roast veges as well cooked in a camp oven under the chicken.


  1. Lionel where is this camp spot or are you keeping it a secret
    Bear q 656

  2. It's Lake Elphinstone - about 140km inland from Mackay. Nearest town is Glendon. I did mention I was coming here a few days ago but didn't spell out exactly where it is.