Thursday, 21 July 2016

Day 67

My scooter got a real workout this morning when I decided to visit the Mareeba Bush Stays and see what progress has been made.
A fire-pit will add to the attractions.

They were building a fire-pit while I was there today and Norm has added two toilets and cold showers since I was there last year.

He was very pleased to see me and wants me to stay with him while I'm up here in North Queensland.

Popularity of this lovely place has grown  - when I stayed here two years ago there were only a few units but now they average 50 with a peak one night of 74.

It was a round trip of about 30km and I wasn't sure I'd make it up the hills on the way back. I was testing to see how far it would go on a full charge in the fast mode. It would do much better for distance in economy mode but the trip would be much slower.

There's also a nice cafe at the Distillery

On the way I passed the Mount Uncle Distillery and also saw bananas and custard apples for sale - bananas $2 a bag and custard apples $5 each - except there were no custard apples! It's an honour system but they have a camera to check who doesn't pay!

Local produce is great value
Mark with his lovely gift

The picture I took last year of the Walkamin Caravan Park from the air has been cleverly put on a cushion as a gift for one of the regular park visitors.

Now others want a copy for their own projects. It certainly was a good chance to get an aerial shot when three of us went choppering.

Tomorrow I'm getting picked up to go lunch with some ACC friends who are staying at the showgrounds in Mareeba.

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